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‚ÄčEducation is essential to the future of the children. In order to achieve this they must have the mandatory uniforms, books and supplies. It is our goal to see that every child and teacher at the Masara Primary School have these necessary items. When you sponsor a child, you are sponsoring a specific child. Sponsors receive updates as to the health and well-being of the child. A contribution of $400 sponsors a child for an entire year. A child sponsorship includes school fees, school supplies, books, school uniforms and medical care. 

"We received a letter from our sponsored child, Mary.  Mary is in the 5th grade.  She is one of six children being raised by her widowed mother.  In her letter, she writes how grateful she and her mother are that she is being sponsored and able to go to school with the necessary school supplies.  Mary shared with us that she is second in her class and loves to read books and play soccer.  We are delighted to be able to send Mary to school where she works hard at her studies and desires to learn all she can." - Linda & Jeff Criss