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At the clinic we treat a variety of illnesses and wounds.  Malaria continues to be a leading killer, especially of children under the age of 5. Through prevention by education, the distribution of mosquito nets, diagnosis and treatment, it is our goal to significantly reduce the incidence in this area.

TB and HIV/AIDS affects approximately 30% in the area. The ability to diagnose as well as providing essential education and support can drastically help to end the deadly cycle. At the Mama Pilista Memorial Health Center we are able to provide TB screenings and treatment, as well as screening, treatment and education for HIV/AIDS. 

Infants and children are most susceptible to nutritional deficiency ultimately affecting their immune health. Protein-energy malnutrition, vitamin A, iodine and folate deficiency along with anemia may result in stunted growth and cognitive development. Optimal healthcare requires adequate nutrition and regular immunizations to help the growing child develop a healthy immune response to the prevalent tropical diseases. Nutritional support and education regarding water treatment and adequate hydration may help reduce the nutritional deficiencies commonly seen in the village.

Death rates due to pneumonia, diarrheal illnesses and other curable diseases will significantly drop with earlier treatment as well education aimed toward prevention.

Wound care including tropical ulcers and abscesses and urgent dental problems addresses another major health concern in the area.

A typical day for a woman in the village of Masara includes rigorous manual labor while tending to the needs of her baby and small children, washing laundry and cooking. Women carry wood, food, and any other essential supplies on their head. Many of the women work in the nearby rice and dirt fields, spending numerous hours bent over manually planting and weeding their crops. After the rice is harvested, it is not unusual for a woman to carry a 50-80 lbs sack on her head to the granary in town. It is no wonder that many women suffer from chronic neck, back and shoulder pain. In addition to manual therapy and massage, a physical therapist can instruct the working mother on exercises to reduce neck, back and shoulder pain.

At the clinic we are also able to provide prenatal care, delivery and maternity care.  A number of healthy babies have been born at the clinic where both mother and baby had the support of healthcare professionals.  Our hope is that having maternity care available will prevent undue stress on mother and child by providing a safe, clean place for delivery.


​"Those with inadequate nutrition suffer a form of immune deficiency, making them far more vulnerable to all microbial pathogens." 

~ Dr. Edward O'Neil, Jr. MD.  

​Let no one be discouraged by the belief that there is nothing one man or one woman can do against the enormous array of the world's ills--against misery and ignorance, injustice and violence...Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events.

~ Robert Kennedy