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Dec 22
A Local Hero

​Dr. Bonyo has been named as one of 12 local heros by LeBron James and Nike.  We agree that Dr. Bonyo is a hero for all that he does to care for people in Akron and in Kenya.  Congratulations Dr. Bonyo!

If you'd like to see the whole story about LeBron's local heros visit


Dec 22
Return from Kenya

​A group of volunteers recently returned from Kenya and working at the clinic. The time we spent at the clinic was valuable in helping to treat patients and build relationships. We treated over 700 patients and received updates on the 60 children that are part of the BKM sponsorship program. It is always a pleasure to see how team members connect with the children from the village. The language of compassion and love crosses all cultural barriers and brings people together no matter what their background or circumstances. It's the best part of reaching out and helping others.

BKM is able to support Kenyan staff who work daily at the clinic. This is vital to making healthcare available 24/7 for the people in and around the village of Mascara. Having access to healthcare on a regular basis makes a huge difference in their lives. The clinic is equipped to test for HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria, and we are equipped to treat HIV/AIDS and malaria.

We appreciate all the volunteers who have gone in the past or plan to go in the future to assist in fulfilling BKM"s mission. If you are not able to travel to Kenya but would like be involved, please consider a donation to BKM to support the work at the clinic.

Jul 11
What I Learned In Kenya

What I learned during my time in Kenya is hard to sum up in writing.  I learned about medicine and tropical disease as expected, but more than that I learned countless life changing lessons from complete strangers.  This trip was far deeper than then medical knowledge taken away.  I could have never expected this experience to touch me the way it did.

The people of Kenya, specifically Kisumu and Ahero, taught me to be grateful.  As a result, I do my best to not take anything for granted.  Life is precious and we must treat it as a gift.  We must cherish what we have been blessed with and be resourceful.  The people of Ahero were so happy and pleasant.  In America we have everything we need, more than enough to eat, and every resource known to man. How is it possible for Americans to be ungrateful with everything while the people I encountered are so grateful for a few simple things?  Living simple seems to facilitate an appreciation.  The people showed so much love to me.  I also observed the strong bond between families and friends.  Again, the example that nothing is taken for granted and everything is cherished. - Molly Kern, May/June Trip 2014

Jul 11
Recent Trip To Kenya
A group of dedicated volunteers returned in mid-June from a recent trip to the Mama Pilista Memorial Health Center. The medical professionals and volunteers were able to assist and treat patients. The volunteers found their experience to be life-changing.

The patients at the clinic were so strong, especially considering their diagnosis. I cared for a lot of patients with malaria. I enjoyed seeing how it was diagnosed in the lab. I really felt as if I made a difference and was involved in patient care from triage, to seeing the patient, lab and pharmacy, commented BKM volunteer Molly of her recent trip to the clinic.

BKM volunteer Brittany stated, I knew going to Africa would be an experience, but I didn't realize I would return to the States with a new attitude about life and medicine. I now think differently about my own misfortunes and realize that they are not truly misfortunes.

A trip is being planned for this November/December if you are interested please e-mail us at
Apr 20
A video from Erik

Erik is one of BKM's senior sponsorship recipient. Please take a few moment to learn more about the opportunity you create.

Mar 18
Two Boys | Two Promises

It takes a village to raise a child. Although they grew up continents away from one another, Dr. Bonyo and LeBron James both reaped the benefits of growing up in a loving community. Both boys were shaped by role models, teachers and parents, and both boys made a PROMISE to their communities.

As men, they worked hard to make their PROMISES a reality. For Dr. Bonyo, that meant setting up a hospital in his Kenyan village. For LeBron, that meant creating the Wheels for Education program in Akron. Together, these men share a passion for kids and their Akron community.

Dr. Bonyo will be a special guest speaker for the Wheels for Ed kids at the LeBron James Family Foundation August 10,2013 I PROMISE Family Reunion.

 Visit the LeBron James Family Foundation for more details.